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TreeAlone1CpaleThrough collaborations with committed dancers, actors, acrobats, performance artist and musicians; and with the help of talented scene, make-up, costume & set designers; Rooted Realms’ performances and productions create interactive & immersive experiences, that tap into the beliefs of cultures throughout the world, while exploring the rich landscape of things both real and imaginary, as well as all those things that dwell inbetween.

Rooted Realms works on creating an Enchanted Forest Performance each year as part of the Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival. Audiences make their way along a path that runs through the majestic woods. There they encounter our mysterious dwellers, witness small spectacles, hear stories, and engage in different forms of interactive play with our performers. There is a central performance area for a few choreographed gatherings as well as a variety of music.

Water FairyCpaleplusRooted Realms’s productions and performances are designed to grow and develop with involvement our performers, participants and collaborators.  While our artistic vision facilitates the inclusion of a broad spectrum of ideas, our process calls for us to reflect on our production cohesion to remain anchored. 

If you are interested getting involved, or you would like to be kept up to date please contact us.




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